Lifestyle and Home Remedies

The symptoms of dementia can be managed by making adjustments to the patient’s lifestyle and applying specific home remedies. If your loved one is unfortunately diagnosed with dementia, you can try the following solutions.

Enhanced Communication

When holding a conversation with a dementia patient, it is advisable to use simple sentences and maintain eye contact. Be slow in your speech and talk about one idea at a time. Use of non-verbal cues also helps.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is vital to everyone, not just dementia patients; hence, it should be done on a routine basis. It improves cardiovascular health and body strength. Scientists also claim that exercise helps us to steer clear of dementia, especially when it is accompanied by a healthy diet. Also, some research proves that regular physical exercise boosts cognitive performance among Alzheimer’s disease patients.

Interactive Activities

There are many interactive activities which dementia patients can do and enjoy, and they include singing, cooking, dancing, painting, and gardening. These activities are essential for patients since they help them to connect with other people, focus on what they can do, or enjoy the fun.

Nighttime Calming Rituals

The behaviour of dementia patients tends to be worse at night. As such, it is crucial to practice rituals which can calm the patient. For instance, ensure that there is silence at bedtime by switching off a radio or TV. Discouraging daytime napping and avoiding caffeine intake before bedtime can also help to minimise restlessness at night.

Calendar Keeping

Calendar keeping helps people with dementia to remember any upcoming activities or events. It helps the patient to stick to his or her medication schedule for better results.

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