Pet Therapy

With dozens of research articles now talking about how pet therapy can help people living with dementia, pet therapy, also known as animal-assisted therapy, for dementia patients has been enjoying tremendous attention in recent times. The benefits of this form of symptom management include the following.

Calming Effect

Pet therapy acts as a calming effect for people suffering from dementia. Additionally, it is known to lower the levels of blood pressure significantly.

Improved Mood

Multiple studies claim that pet therapy improves mood in dementia patients by promoting social interaction. In one of these studies where dementia patients were allowed to interact with dogs, the patients experienced increased positive emotions and decreased sadness and anxiety. Interacting with pets also helps to rekindle nostalgic memories of pets which the patient had at one time.


Everyone likes fun and enjoyment, and dementia patients are no exception. Pets help the patients to break away from their otherwise dull daily routine and enjoy something new.

Physical Activity

A pet such as a cat or a dog can motivate a patient to get involved in some form of enjoyable physical activity, including playing and walking.

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