Caregiver’s Guide to Taking Care of Someone With Dementia

Taking care of someone who has dementia is quite challenging. They need extra attention and if you are a caregiver, it means that you always have to be present to look at what they are doing and to help them with their daily basic needs. Most of the caregivers of dementia patients say that it can be emotionally and physically tasking. Below are some of the things that can make things easier for people who are taking care of demented patients.

Establish a Routine

Trying to adjust to a new way of doing things is not easy. There are so many things that the patients need, so if you are taking care of them at home, you must come up with a daily plan that will determine when they are fed, bathed, and even when you can sit down with them to talk. The routine should also factor in activities that the caregiver does for self-care. For instance, it can be watching a movie with the person they are caring for. That way, they both benefit.

Engage the Patients

Just because someone has been diagnosed with dementia does not mean they cannot enjoy life’s little pleasures. As a caregiver, you should engage them and allow them to do the things they used to enjoy. There are patients with dementia who have continued to explore their passion and do things they used to enjoy before the diagnosis. Talk to the patients, and do not get frustrated or tired when they keep forgetting things.

Ask For Help

Most caregivers admit that they feel guilty about reaching out for people to help them, especially when the person they are taking care of was very close to them. They think that people will say they are abandoning their duties and they do not love enough. It is okay to reach out to people to help. Take a break without guilt.

More importantly, people who are caring for dementia patients should understand how the disease progresses. They should take one day at a time and enjoy it when they can still spend time with their loved one.

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